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TMK-Artrom remains a producer of high quality seamless steel pipes for its customers


TMK-Artrom remains a producer of high quality seamless steel pipes for its customers.

We recently put into operation together with Karl Deutsch at the TMK-Artrom pipe factory in Slatina, a new ultrasonic control installation with a wide range of control based on phase array technology, thus being able to perform the most demanding control tasks. The new CND control capacity will gradually come into operation in the coming weeks, thus ensuring product compliance for applications with high quality requirements.

At the TMK-Artrom steel production plant in Resita, we focused our last investments on energy efficiency, so this month were completed the modernization works of the continuous casting machine, with the latest generation equipment for process automation and also converters installed to the pump station.

For the next period, we intend to continue our investment strategy with projects aimed to increase the degree of automation, increasing safety in production, increasing energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of raw materials, maintaining / increasing the quality of manufactured products, reducing energy consumption - reducing the consumption of natural gas and implicitly of carbon emissions, the expansion of the dimensional range of products with high added value, etc.



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